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Lauren & Justin's Trailer | Philadelphia Wedding Cinematographer | Please Touch Museum

Lauren & Justin's Trailer | Philadelphia Wedding Cinematographer | Please Touch Museum Featured Image

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a wedding with quite this much personality before. We knew this was going to be fun from the minute we heard “Please Touch Museum”. Then a few other words, like Carousel, Mummers, and Krispy Kreme were thrown in and we knew we were getting involved in something fantastic. Let’s start with their program (designed by Liz Klose), which bears the phrases “Alive with the Glory of Love”, “Getting Hitched Today (you’ve probably already figured that out)” and “Making it Legal”. From that alone I think you have a pretty good idea of the personality type and quantity we are working with here! Their cake topper was the phrase “Best Day Ever”, and there is no doubt that for Lauren & Justin, it certainly was. Just past the break are a few detail shots from their day.

One more thing, the song we chose for this trailer is called “Love in Your Hands” by Daniel Park (Licensed through Songfreedom) Watch the trailer and you’ll see why we thought it was so fitting :-)

Robertson’s Flowers

Please Touch Museum Entrance at Night

The Program!

It should go without saying at this point that we had an absolute blast on this one. We had the pleasure of working with the following professionals at this event:

M2 Photography -
Quaker City String Band -
Hot Club of Philadelphia -
Chico’s Vibe -
Robertson’s Flowers -
Brulée Catering -
Please Touch Museum -
Isgro Pasticceria -

We are in awe of the video. Absolutely love it <3 :-)

Lauren & Justin

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