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Lindsay & John's Highlight | Destination Wedding Cinematographer | Lake George, NY

Lindsay & John's Highlight | Destination Wedding Cinematographer | Lake George, NY Featured Image

UPDATED: Now with photos! Move down past the break to view.

Filming John and Lindsay’s wedding was an absolute adventure. But then again, John and Lindsay are nothing less than adventurous, so I’m not sure what we expected! I have known John and Lindsay for a few years, having had the opportunity to work with both of them while they lived in Lancaster. When they asked us to shoot their wedding, I was ecstatic and honored, and when they told me they had chosen Kingston Chow as their photographer I knew this was going to be an experience that would be hard to top.

We had the pleasure of attending their rehearsal dinner (where we enjoyed the most succulent Lobster Tail and Prime Rib), where Lindsay dropped a really fun surprise on her family and friends. Kingston and I rose before the sun to capture some gorgeous Lake George scenery at sunrise. We then experienced the day with them, including such “hoopla” as a beautiful red trolley and an adventurous dinner cruise aboard the Adirondack dinner boat.

All in all, this was one incredible weekend, and the result is a film we feel will be hard to top! Enjoy the adventure as you watch this beautiful story.

Music is all licensed through Song Freedom -
Sound design: Jonathan Tirrell
Shooting: Crystal Tirrell, Jonathan Tirrell, Kingston Chow
Thumbnail Photo: Kingston Chow

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