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Love Takes Time | Kim & Craig's Wedding Film | Historic Yellow Springs | Philadelphia, PA

Jordan, Crystal and I first met with Kim and Craig at one of our favorite coffee shops in Lancaster City. Generally, meetings like this last 45-60 minutes, but after about 2 hours and numerous coffee and tea refills, I think we all knew this wedding was going to be an incredible day and could not imagine spending it any other way. After the fact, Kim and Craig told us they drove home that evening feeling like they had just met with 3 good friends for coffee and talked about their wedding, and we felt exactly the same way.

Learning their story, and further getting to know them through numerous conversations and more coffee talks, we grew to love this couple even more. Their story is beautiful, unique, and parts of it even humorous in their own adorable way. I won’t spoil the story for you, you’ll have to watch the film, but just know that Craig is one seriously persistent guy and that’s a very good thing!

Their wedding at Historic Yellow Springs was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and yes I know visual people like us say this a lot but it’s never been more true than on this day—the LIGHT was INSANE. From the beginning of prep, to the end of the photo session, we had just the most heavenly light, exactly where and when we needed it. Since she had a long walk up the path to the ceremony, I chose to run the Movi for Kim’s processional. I have never seen light flares like this before or since, it was gorgeous! Enough about the light though (but seriously, did I mention it was incredible?) these two wrote their own vows, straight from their beautiful souls. Listening to them live, I remember thinking they were fantastic, but there’s a lot for us to think about on a wedding day. Listening to them again as I edited, I knew they were the backbone of this story. Apologies to all the romance novelists and screen writers out there, you can’t draw a love story this perfect from fiction. So go ahead, dim the lights, turn up the volume, and enjoy Kim and Craig’s film. We’re sure you’ll count it as one of your all time favorites just as we have.


Director/DP - Jonathan Tirrell
Cinematographer - Crystal Tirrell
Editor - Jonathan Tirrell
Venue - Historic Yellow Springs
Makeup Artist - Megan McCormick
Floral Design - Autumn Snow Floral Design
DJ Entertainment - DJ Jimmy Seravalli
Photographer - Jordan Bush Photography

{Licensed through}
One Hundred Years - “Hold On to You”
Davis Harwell - “More than Machinery We Need Humanity”

I've probably watched the wedding video about 50 times and I'm obsessed with it. We've showed it to Craig's dad and step mom and they were in awe...tears and laughter all the way through. We can't thank you both enough again we are so lucky to have met you both and Jordan.

Kim - Bride

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