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Move It Studio | Indiegogo Campaign Film | Lancaster Promotional Film

When someone as passionate and talented as Marie Rothacker approaches you about working together on a project, you can’t help but shout “yes!” even before her pitch is complete. When we sat down to conceptualizer the film, she told me she knew she wanted to use black & white. I loved the idea and knew it was a perfect choice for portraying Marie’s art. When we started shooting I was really excited with the images I was capturing and knew this was going to be a beautiful piece.

When I sat down to edit I couldn’t stop until it was complete. That same night I sent Marie a draft which largely remained as the edit you see here. We nailed the look and feel she was going for, and she nailed the campaign! Marie reached her goal and raised the money needed to open her dance studio in downtown Lancaster. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this, so thank you Marie and all the best with Move It Studio!

The campaign is closed, but here is a link to the page:

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