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Rachel & Marcus | Lancaster Wedding Cinematographer | Landis Valley Museum

Rachel & Marcus | Lancaster Wedding Cinematographer | Landis Valley Museum Featured Image

We didn’t know it at the time, but Crystal was less than a week away from delivering our son, Aspen when I shot this wedding. Because she was due in mid-December, she decided early on to sit this one out, so I had the opportunity to choose a second shooter. I chose Lee of Clickspark to join me, and I’m so glad I did! Lee was an inspiration to work with and really took this day from incredible to off-the-charts!

Marcus and Rachel are one seriously amazing couple. The carefree sound of bridesmaids belting out pop songs karaoke-style was wafting down the halls of the Lancaster Arts Hotel long before I even knocked on the door to their room. I could tell I was in for a treat! I joined the ladies, who, thinking I was the photographer, continued their melodious adventure with me in the room. Of course, it wasn’t until long after I had plenty of incriminating evidence of their shameless song and dance that they stopped to ask “wait, is that video?!” We had a good laugh about it :-)

Lee spent a much more subdued morning with the guys, capturing some gorgeous natural light, exposed brick, and men in sharp gray suits. We would discover as soon as the bass started kicking at the party that evening that these gentlemen were far from subdued, they were just saving the best for last!

Rachel chose to do one of the most beautiful and honoring things I’ve ever witnessed on her wedding day. She wore her late mother’s wedding dress for a quick photo session at the hotel before slipping into her own wedding dress. It all happened so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to shoot it, but I had already shot some beautiful detail shots of the dress and a framed photo of her mother on her wedding day. I’m sad I did not get to meet Rachel’s mother, but I know she would be very proud of the woman her daughter is today, and just as much so of the man she has now married.

It was a beautiful ceremony, not surprisingly tied together by the two reading each other their personal vows. As you watch the video you will quickly notice that these vows exude their personalities, which means their words were not without a healthy dose of humor! Immediately following the ceremony was a delicious dinner buffet and a beautiful reception in the Yellow Barn at the Landis Valley Museum.

As I said before, the gentlemen wasted no time showing the crowd how it’s done as soon as the beat dropped. This crowd could really dance! I was having such a blast filming Marcus busting move after move that I had to flip the camera over to 60P to capture some high-frame rate (read: slo-mo) footage. I don’t usually find a place for much slow motion in my edits, but it would have been wrong not to for this one!

All in all, this was one heck of a way to wrap up the 2013 season for us. I’m sad Crystal didn’t get to experience it, but happy that I was able to start a friendship with an inspiring filmmaker and peer by having Lee at my side. I hope you enjoy getting to know Marcus and Rachel a little through their film. See you in 2014!

Please take a few moments to browse their photo collection from Nicola Herring

Collaborating Filmmaker - Lee Morton / Clickspark

Photographer - Nicola Herring Photography

Venue - Landis Valley Museum

Salon - Studio Envy

Accommodations - Lancaster Arts Hotel

Music Licensing - The Music Bed

The dopest video ever...of a pretty awesome couple! (Rachel & Marcus)

Aaron Grahm, Officiant

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