• 1. What are your packages and prices?

    Capturing your story starts with a conversation about who you are and what is important to you, and introducing ourselves and helping you understand who we are and our approach to filming. Investment begins at just $3995 for complete coverage and editing. Jump to our contact page to start the conversation!

  • 2. What do you need from us?

    The first step is getting in contact with us about your date! Be sure to let us know the exact date and location of the events. Following that we would love to engage in conversation about your needs and desires for your wedding film so we can assist in recommend a package for you. We'd also love to meet with you, in person if you're local or on skype if not!

  • 3. How do we reserve our date?

    We require a signed contract and a $1000 retainer to lock your date into our calendar.

  • 4. Are your prices negotiable?

    We pour an incredible amount of time and energy into every film we create, from the first email to the delivery of the completed package, we believe our product and commitment are unparalleled in the industry. We firmly believe our prices are representative of the quality you receive. We appreciate your support; our business is our family's livelihood, and telling your story is our passion.

  • 5. Do you have liability insurance?

    Yes, we do. Many venues require vendors to send them a COI (Certificate of Insurance). We carry a policy large enough to satisfy any venue you choose and we are happy to get in touch with the appropriate parties to provide the necessary documentation.

  • 6. There's something different about your films, but I can't put my finger on it. What is it?

    To put it simply--sound. 50% (we believe it's actually more) of the viewing experience is audio. If all you hear is music that has no direct connection with the scene you are watching, it's easy to feel disconnected from the story. Add in real, crystal clear ambient sounds, such as cheering, laughter, and dialogue, and you are immersed in the moments of the day. This is so vitally important to reliving your memories, and it is why we pay every bit as much attention to capturing the audio details as we do the visuals.

  • 7. Why do your films looks so good?

    One thing people consistently tell us they love about our films is the clarity of the picture. It seems basic, anyone should be able to achieve a quality picture with a decent camera right? But it's not that simple. While we spend weeks editing and perfecting each film we create, a huge part of this process takes place "on set" so to speak. Here some of the steps we take throughout the process that contribute to the quality image you see on your screen.

    Manual Settings - Getting the settings right in camera is the number one thing that makes great images. We dial everything in manually, from the exposure, to the focus, to color balance.

    Composition - We think about what message we want to convey to the viewer as we place our camera and frame each shot. This takes into account our lens choice, camera placement, and position of the subject in relation to the background, scene elements, and light source(s), just to name a few.

    Lighting - Our cameras are amazingly good in low light, however, this does not mean that we never need to add or modify light to achieve a beautiful image. With permission, throughout the day we may draw shades, turn off or on lights, or move/guide the subject toward a desired light source. We always bring lights to the reception and carefully place them in an effective position out of the way of you and your guests.

    Color Grading - Even the perfect shot with all the right settings needs to be dialed in to give it the specific look and feel we want. One of the final steps in our editing process is to color grade each and every clip you see in the films we make for you.

  • 8. Do we get to pick the music in our film?

    We have some amazing music licensing resources available to us. Yes, we do have to license any music we use in our films. Musicians are artists doing what they love for a living just like us and we choose to support them in the most direct way possible by paying to license through fair and responsible organizations.

    You influence our music choices. We want your film to have great energy, to evoke memories and emotion, and to be an accurate representation of you. We learn about your tastes and preferences and choose instrumental music that will make your film unique and personal. Now if you're a musician or maybe music is a passion of yours and you'd like to be involved by making some selections, or contributing songs you have the license for, please let us know, that would be awesome!

  • 9. Do you include raw footage?

    Often when we are asked this question, what couples really want to know is whether we give more than just the highlight film. Our core package includes the edited ceremony and reception. The length of this edit varies greatly as it is entirely based on the actual length of the events! Your ceremony and planned reception events are captured from multiple angles. We edit this to change camera angles, and not to omit any portions, while syncing in audio captured from multiple sources as well. The result is a seamless, yet far from static replay of your ceremony and reception events as they happened. The true raw footage--that is, every clip captured from throughout your day, can be purchased separately.

  • 10. Do your packages include DVD?

    All of our films are now delivered on an elegant and easy to use online platform. We are more than happy to share an example of a real wedding with you so you can see how this works! You can download your films to view on your computer or mobile device or stream directly from the service anywhere you have an internet connection. While this is our standard delivery method, we also offer the option to purchase DVD and BluRay discs individually.